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Q. How will rollshutters protect my schools from break-ins?
A. Engineered to withstand high impact, Talius rollshutters create a protective barrier against vandalism and break-ins.

Q. Why are rollshutters effective for school security?
A. A one-time application of Talius rollshutters is a cost-effective way to provide security and protect exposed glass from vandalism and break-ins.  Unlike security bars, rollshutters are retractable and improve staff and student morale by not making schools look like a prison.  

Q. Are rollshutters energy efficient?
A. Yes. Independent tests have proven that Talius rollshutters reduce energy loss through unprotected glass on windows and doors.  In fact, a closed rollshutter can increase the insulation value of glass in windows and doors from R 2.1 to R 4.25.  Translate this R 2.4 increase in insulation efficiency into energy and financial savings, and it becomes clear why more and more schools are including Talius rollshutters in their energy savings plans.

Q. How are rollshutters operated?
A. Talius rollshutters can be operated either manually, with an easy to use crank operated system, or with motorized convenience.

Q. How do I operate the rollshutters if there is a power failure?
A. Talius offers manual override motors, providing easy operation and no disruption to your routine in the event of a power outage.

Q. When are Vandal Panels used?
A. Vandal Panels are ideal in unique situations where there are space restrictions that prohibit the installation of rollshutters, or in areas where access or egress can by affected by a rollshutter.  Ideal applications include door lites, side lites, and transom windows.

Q. Is graffiti difficult to remove from rollshutters?
A. If attacked within 48 hours, graffiti can be removed using a detergent with a mild abrasive.


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