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Q. Will rollshutters protect my business from break-ins?
Yes.   A one-time application Talius rollshutters is a cost-effective way to provide security and protect exposed glass from vandalism and break-ins.   Unlike security bars, rollshutters are retractable to provide security when you need it most, and virtually disappear into the panel box during operating hours. 

All Talius rollshutters for commercial applications feature the unique Safe guide rail, a two component rail that prevents access to the mounting hardware, and Safe u-sill to prevent would be intruders from prying the shutters upward to gain access to your windows.

Q. How are rollshutters operated?
A. Talius rollshutters can be operated either manually with an easy to use crank operated system, or with motorized convenience.

Q. How do I operate the rollshutters if there is a power failure?
A. Talius offers manual override motors offering easy operation and no disruption to your business in the event of a power outage.

Q. How can I protect my business without making it look so institutional?
A. Talius rollshutters can be custom painted to harmonize with your premises, and we have the capability to custom decal your rollshutters with photo quality images to promote your corporate image and create a unique and attractive advertising opportunity.

Q. Is graffiti difficult to remove from rollshutters?
A. If attacked within 48 hours, graffiti can be removed using a detergent with a mild abrasive.

Q. Can rollshutters be used inside my business to protect expensive inventory?
A. Yes.  Talius offers security cabinets with rollshutters to secure items such as liquor, cigarettes, files and jewelry.

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