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Q. Are awnings available in a variety of sizes?
A. Yes.  All awnings are custom made to order with widths up to 40’ and projections up to 13’1”.  We have a variety of awning models and fabrics to choose from to suit your requirements.

Q. Do awnings require support posts?
A. No.  Awnings feature heavy duty extruded aluminum retractable lateral arms containing strong springs that support the awning in the projected position.

Q. Can my awning remain projected in windy conditions?
A. We do not recommend that you leave your awning projected in windy conditions because the wind can cause the awning to vibrate causing stress on the mounting surface.   As a rule, if it is too windy to sit outside comfortably and read the newspaper, it is probably too windy for your awning to be projected.   We offer wind sensors for our motorized awnings that conveniently and automatically retract your awning when it gets windy.

Q. Can I leave my awning projected in the rain?
A. Awnings are water resistant, and can be used to shelter you from light rain or drizzle. We do not recommend that you leave your awning projected during heavy rains for an extended period of time because the weight of the water pooling on the fabric can damage your awning.  

Q. Will the awning fabric fade in the sunlight?
A. No.  We use only the finest solution dyed acrylic fabrics that are color-fast and fade resistant.  

Q. Do I have to take my awning down in the winter?
A. No.  Awnings are very durable and are designed to withstand all climates.   To protect your awning from nesting birds and all weather conditions, we recommend that you purchase an extruded aluminum awning hood to protect your awning.

Q. Can I install my awning?
A. No.   Due to the size and weight of the awnings, we recommend that they are installed by our factory trained dealers.   Please contact us for the name of a dealer near you.



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